Baker & McKenzie Guide to China & the WTO
China and the WTO   Market Entry and Restructuring Operations
  • World trading system
  • The major agreements
  • GATT and GATS
  • TRIMs Agreement
  • Current investment models and choice of business vehicles
  • Mergers and division of existing FIEs
  • Establishment of WFOEs pre-and post-WTO
Import, Export and Customs   Local Content Regime
  • China's trade and customs regime
  • Customs declaration, registration and clearance procedures
  • Restrictions on import and export of goods
  • Local content requirements
  • Direct local content requirements
  • Indirect local content requirements
Intellectual Property   Trading and Distribution
  • Standards, enforcement and dispute settlement
  • Amendments to the Copyright, Trademark and Patent Laws
  • Protection of software
  • Protection of trade secrets
  • Distribution channels
  • Bonded zones in China
  • Qualifications for setting up foreign trade JVs, and trading rights
  • Transportation and logistics services
Tax Reform   Financial Services Sector
  • Current tax structure
  • Taxation in China's special investment areas
  • The new tax regime and the WTO
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Fund management
  • Impact of WTO on the financial services sector
Telecommunications, Media and Technology   Industrial Sectors I – Oil and Gas Industries
  • Basic telecom services and value-added services
  • Foreign investment in the telecom sector
  • Introducing domestic and foreign competition
  • The regulatory regime
  • Pricing and distribution
  • Local protectionism
  • Trading, licensing and quotas
Industrial Sectors II – Automobile Industry    
  • WTO impact on domestic automotive producers
  • Tariffs and non-tariff barriers
  • Establishment of auto joint ventures
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